Okinawa Chiropractic Center 411-1 Ihei, Chatan Dai-Ichi Touwa Bldg Suite #4

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Chiropractic, Acupuncture and More For Your Wellness Lifestyle

REAL American Chiropractic

American educated. US Certified. At OCC you can rest assured that your chiropractor speaks your language and has mastered the safe and effective practice of chiropractic.

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Traditional Acupuncture

Our On-Call Acupuncture service is provided by an Independent, Japanese certified acupuncturist. Advance appointment scheduling required for all acupuncture services.

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Essential Oil Therapy

Experience the power of essential oil therapy with Tomomi's 'Dew Drop' sessions or perhaps leverage the power of essential oils by combining with acupuncture for deeper effect.

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Individual Custom Orthotics

OCC is THE authorized Foot Levelers provider on Okinawa. With the latest 3D BodyScan system, we provide custom insoles, shoe-thotics, sandals and causual flip-flops. Perfect fit every time.

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Instant Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for online purchase via our secure purchase page. Gift Certificates provide a unique code which can be printed on the media of your choice for presentation to the recipient.

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Multi-Visit Packages

We offer discounts via our package offerings. Currently, we offer a "Six-Pack + Lucky Seven" and a "Full Dozen" packages for chiropractic clients. Purchases may be made online via our secure system.

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Why Choose Us?



Our practitioners have attained all required professional credentials and have met all standards relating to their discipline. For chiropractic, this means U.S. Standards. Your safety and wellness depends on knowing your practitioner is qualified.



We will never intentially over-book our schedule like those 'other' places. Your Appointment time is YOURS. If we fall behind, you will be seen within 15 minutes of your scheduled time.



We never release information about you or your care to any third-party. This is as much for your privacy as ours. When you leave the area, your records are kept for a maximum of one year and then destroyed.


Modern Equipment

Ever been adjusted on a massage table? Doesn't work as well as it should. Does it? Even 'out here', we take the extra step to obtain modern equipment to ensure the most comfortable and up-to-date experience possible.


No Cutting Corners

Many Acupuncturists will use disposable needles or a single needle for an entire session. This is NOT our way. We do not cut corners or 'economize' with our clients. We may not be the most fancy. But, we are also not cheapskates.


We LOVE Helping

With a combined thirty-plus years of experience, we still absolutely love our jobs. Even a bad day helping people is better than a great day in a cubicle. We aren't perfect... Just NEARLY perfect.

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