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Good Vibrations

Healing & Relaxation

Pure Sound is a valuable tool for relaxation and healing Discover the power of pure vibration


Crystal Relaxation

45 Minute Private Session Sound Bath
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We are surrounded and bombarded with sound every day. But, consider the quality of the sounds encountered in the office, on the road, or around with heavy equipment.

Sound can affect us in many negative ways. And, the more time you spend exposed to specific sounds, the more your energy 'entrains' to those energy levels. But, immersing yourself in pure tones - can wash away much of the negativity of everyday life and, provide benefits far beyond simple relaxation.

Experience the power of pure healing sound.



Solfeggio Healing

Planetary Frequencies for Healing
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The nine-tone Solfeggio scale is a perfect tool for meditation, relaxation and inner healing.

This session incorporates specially designed tuning forks which provide deep vibrational effects known to cause relaxation response and entrain a higher degree of in-tune-ness.

Not only do I use the Solfeggio scale. But, also employ 'planetary' tones as well as deeper "Om" frequencies applied, not only upon the body's chakra points but, throughout the client's aural field.


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