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A Brief History (Est. 2005)

Okinawa Chiropractic Center is the vision of Doc Holliday - A 1996 graduate of Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. Doc Holliday came to Okinawa in 2005 to start a new chiropractic clinic to provide services for the local military and SOFA status community. At that time, there were no on-base chiropractic options for service members. At this time (2022) the Navy medical system has been compelled to provide chiropractic to its members. However, only active duty members are eligible for chiropractic care. Furthermore, a medical referral is currently required to see the chiropractor on-post. This system completely defeats the strengths and primary purpose of chiropractic care in a wellness lifestyle, which is quick, non-medical prevention and maintenance of mostly common human musculoskeletal issues.

Okinawa Chiropractic Center started off in the Wellness Center outside of Kadena AB's Gate 5 before moving to a small apartment on Route 23. The original name of the facility was 'Okinawa LIFE Chiropractic Center' (OLCC) due to a conflicting name with another (ironically, non-chiropractic) business in the area.

Shortly after opening our brick-and-mortar facility in 2007, (and with an AMAZING amount of help from a very good friend) that other local business soon went under. Doc immediately claimed the name 'Okinawa Chiropractic Center' for the new clinic, having registered the web site domain from the very beginning.

At this time September 2022 finds us forced to respond to the massive economic repercussions of government mismanagement and stupidity - related to the so-called 'worldwide pandemic' response. Many businesses have simply disappeared, while many others are desperately trying to recover some semblance of normalcy following the multiple 2019-2022 fiascos perpetrated by both the US and J governments in nothing less than an attempt to see which one could cause the most inconvenience and hurt to the other, The tools of political crap-slinging were mostly multiple lockdowns, shutdowns, quarantines, restictions, masking the innocent etc. And, after all that, most of the crap just wound up hitting the regular folks like you and me.
All in all, the whole thing was over-done to the extreme. And, personally, I feel that more harm was done than any good they sought to achieve. I mean after all, when has government response ever actually solved anything. (Never!)

The point is, due to these factors, Doc has decided not to play the game anymore. Financial ruin was averted, sure... But, governments are far too fond of playing games with peoples' lives. And, I believe they will come back soon with another round of hurt for the People and local businesses. Therefore, the decision was made to close the (expensive) main office and return to a simple, home-based setting where people could find a damn good adustment AND Doc can avoid having to raise our prices to the stratosphere - just to keep up with runaway inflation.

As we continue to serve through the end of our second decade on Okinawa, we gratefully acknowledge the now, over 35,000 visits from clients who have trusted us with their chiropractic and wellness care. Without the support and word-of-mouth publicity of our clients and the local English-speaking community, we could never have made a go of a chiropractic clinic... in a foreign country that doesn't even recognize chiropractic as a legitimate wellness profession.

Thanks to the popularity of OCC, in 2019, we were able to modernize and purchase new equipment as well as perform a renovation of our now defunct main office to present a professional face while, at the same time, providing a reasonably quiet and relaxing atmosphere for your visit. As mentioned above however, Doc has returned to a more economical home-based office in Okinawa City.

Unfortunately, the so-called pandemic of 2019-2022 has taken a heavy toll on many local businesses. And, OCC is no exception. The constant restrictions, lockdowns, and states of 'emergency' imposed by both the US and Japanese governments have forced a significant downsizing of OCC's scale. With deep regret, Doc will be closing his main clinic of eighteen years due to staffing reductions and financial losses directly attributable to this political bickering and international pandering of the past two years or so. OCC will go back to its roots as a home-based business providing chiropractic and some few other holistic services.

In addition to straight chiropractic, Doc will be adding a few helpful, non-therapeutic services to his offerings to reflect a commitment to holistic wellness and all that the phrase implies. Look to our service offerings page to see what Doc currently offers. And, watch for the occaisional limited-time, unadvertised special services that are planned... JUST for fun.

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