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Okinawa Chiropractic Center - Est. 2005

A Little Bit About Our World

Who Are These People Anyway?

A Brief History

Okinawa Chiropractic Center is the vision of Doc Holliday - A 1996 graduate of Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. Doc Holliday came to Okinawa in 2005 to start a new chiropractic clinic for the local military and SOFA status community.

The practice started off in the Wellness Center outside of Kadena AB's Gate 5 before moving to a small apartment on Route 23. The original name of the facility was 'LIFE Chiropractic Okinawa' due to a conflicting name with another business in the area.

Shortly after opening our brick-and-mortar facility in 2007, (with an AMAZING amount of help from a good friend) that other local business went under. Doc immediately claimed the name 'Okinawa Chiropractic Center' for the new clinic.

As we continue to serve through the middle of our second decade on Okinawa, we gratefully acknowledge the (now, over 20,000) clients who have trusted us with their chiropractic and wellness care. Without the support and word-of-mouth publicity of our clients and the local English-speaking community, we could never have made a go of a chiropractic clinic... in a foreign country.

Thanks to the popularity of OCC, we have recently modernized and purchased new equipment as well as continued renewal of our offices to present a professional face while, at the same time, providing a reasonably quiet and relaxing atmosphere for your visit.

With the addition of traditional acupuncture services, essential oil therapy as well as becoming a fully-authorized Foot Levelers (tm) provider, we are committed to this community and our continuing support of and, presence in it.

In addition to the above main services, we have also added a few helpful, non-therapeutic services to our offerings to reflect our commitment to holistic health and all that the phrase implies.

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