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Regarding Infectious Agents & Precautions

Measures and Mitigation


What can we do about protecting our clients and ourselves?

Updated June 1, 2020

The 2019-20 outbreak of nCOVID-19/nCOVID-SARS has taken the entire world by surprise. It seems that every day brings us new information and novel measures to prevent spread.

At OCC, we have always employed methods which diminish the chances of cross-infection - as standard practice. Yet, to many, these usual and customary methods may seem suddenly inadequate in the face of 'Social Distancing' guidelines and a highly communicable outbreak. And, while we cannot guarantee that it will never happen; We have taken every reasonable step to help prevent cross-contamination.

Back in March 2020, we implemented enhanced measures to increase distancing (by time) and sanitation measures in our offices. The time-distancing measures have now been discontinued due to the absence of new cases on Okinawa for the past several weeks. The adopted enhanced-sanitation methods remain in-place as of June 2020.

We have taken it upon ourselves to enact additional measures which seek to ensure client separation and enhance our own sanitation practices. These include more frequent hand washing, use of sanitizer gel, and more deeply clearing contact surfaces between clients.

As of June 1, 2020; We have returned to our regular scheduling matrix. Established-Client chiropractic appointments are scheduled in fifteen minute blocks with New Client appointments requiring a thirty-minute block. This still allows adequate time for the service, checkout and the extra time required for "clearing" the treatment area.

"Clearing" consists of the usual act of sanitizing contact surfaces, allowing ample time for re-ionizing of the air as well as other measures to provide a safe and clean atmosphere for our clients.

To assist us in maintaining a safe and peaceful environment for all of our clients, we ask that you follow some very simple-but-vastly-important guidelines and modified practices:

  • Clients are asked to 'Come Alone'. Please do not enter the clinic unless you actually have an appointment. Family and friends are asked to wait outside.

  • Please do not enter the clinic more than two-or-three minutes prior to your appointment time. We need to ensure as much as possible that clients do not 'bump against' one another.

  • If you are not feeling well, especially if you have symptoms of fever, chills, or persistent sneeze or coughing... DO NOT enter the clinic under ANY circumstances. We cannot assist with these health issues and are NOT equipped to in any event.

  • We are currently unable to accept credit/debit payments. Please bring currency, either Yen or US Dollars to remit payment. Please understand that any change will be returned from the general till. We hope to have card services back online by July. But, at this time, we cannot guarantee this.

  • All linens used at OCC are and have ALWAYS been, washed in anti-microbial solutions and GAS-HEAT dried at HIGH temperatures.

  • Due to the current situation, the practice of 'social manners' is evolving at a record pace. So, to make our clients more comfortable, SOME staff will likely be wearing masks to minimize vapor transfer. Additionally, many may find the lowered office temperature slightly uncomfortable. The drier air produced by air conditioning also helps prevent the spread. Also, this ensures that the air ionizer is operating at all times.

  • The nature of our services makes it difficult and uncomfortable for some people to wear masks during their whole visit. For this reason, please be advised that masks are optional for clients in the treatment areas.

If, in your opinion, you find these measures to be inadequate; Please consider postponing your appointment until after the current crisis has passed. If you have any questions regarding this policy or any of our services, please use the contact form available HERE.