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What Color Is Your Aura?

Electro-Dermal Energy Scanning Technology

InnerEnergy's AuraCloud 3D reveals a whole new world of useful information about your personal energy system.


AuraScan Consultation

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The InnerEnergy AuraScan system is an extremely sensitive scanning and software suite which has the ability to peer through the energy frequencies emanating from the body and, pinpointing the exact energy signature of the aura system as well as each individual chakra.

The resulting data provides important insights into which areas are unblanced or blocked. This in turn provides the client with the ability to focus their personal yoga and meditational work where it is most needed

A Full 15 page color report is provided at the conclusion of this session.

This is a Highly-Informative But, Non-Therapeutic Consultation.

This session does not include energy balancing work. Please consult for details

What the Heck is an Aura Scan?

And, What Can I Learn From It?



The System

InnerActive Oct 16, 2019 Energy Work

The AuraScan system consists of an extremely sensitive electro-dermal scanner which transmits sensor data to the main computer and the AuraScan software. The software sifts through all the noise and isolates the energy frequencies known to be those of the 'ethereal' body or energetic life force emanations.


The Data

InnerActive Oct 18, 2019 Technology

As data is collected during the scan, various charts and graphs are displayed which serve to graphically illustrate the findings. You will see your overall aura power, the relationships and interactions of the seven main chakra and, your main aura frequencies which reflect certain aspects of yourself that you perhaps had never considered.

You will also receive a full color, printed report of the session findings


The Plan

InnerActive Oct 18, 2019 Chakra Education

When you see your results for the first time, you achieve greater understanding of your body's energy system and, its interactions with others.

It becomes far easier to plan meditation goals and which yoga asana or mudras are appropriate help you meet the goals you can now set.

For those who do not 'live' in that world yet, you will find deeper explanations for things such as; compatibility with others, fitness for a particular job type, and even ways to salvage more determination and focus for objectives that are important to you but, somehow just never seem to get accomplished.

Repeating scans at regular intervals allows you to track your progress and continue to gain more control of your energetic existence.


The Change

InnerActive Oct 17, 2019 Lifestyle

With Understanding, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

If you could understand how an underperforming machine or electronic device could be optimized, wouldn't you use that information to improve its function?

How much more important would it be to understand how your body utilizes the energy it collects from the environment and how to more efficiently put that energy to beneficial use - BACK into your environment?

This is part of what our AuraScan session offers. It can help you to refocus on the most important parts of YOU and, redirect your conciousness to manifest only the best.

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