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Regarding Web Site Use

No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy

Before making an appointment, we ask that you review our general policies and terms regarding no-shows and late cancellations. You must accept these during the booking process. But, optionally, you can review them here before proceeding.

Web Site Use Policy

Basic policies regarding the use of this web site and the embedded scheduling system. Specific policies regarding the use of data and URLs from this website on other websites as well as explicit policies regarding the unsolicited use of this site by indexing sites.

Privacy Policy

A very short and poignant treatise on what information we collect, what it is used for, and why we don't collect any information on our server. OH! And, the fact that we don't set tracking cookies on your system. In fact, we don't even require an account to book an appointment.

Client Policy

This policy statement specifically addresses the abilities and limitations regarding the clients we are able to accept for services. Several unique factors are specifically addressed. This policy provides information to prospective clients as to eligibility for service.