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As of 9/24/2022, Doc Holliday has closed the main clinic in Chatan and now operates exclusively out of a home-based office in Okinawa City, close to the Koza Athletic Park. Maps are placed on the web site pages and included, below and in all confirmation emails sent to clients.

OCC is located on Just South of the Koza Athletic Park. We have inserted a Google map of our location and immediate area at the bottom of this page. For your convenience, the pin link is: Google Pin Link

The preferred remittance for all services is cash payment in US Dollar.

Due to the volatility of the USD-->JPY exchange rate, the background USD pricing will be the basis for any cross-currency payments. The base-rate for chiropractic visits for existing clients is currently $65.00USD and for new clients, the rate is $75.00USD. Therefore any Japanese yen payments, such as online purchases, will be subject to the current exchange rate regardless of the current hard rate posted online.

Online payment using common debit or credit cards is available for SOME items such as discount packages and gift certificate codes. All online tranactions are secured by Stripe, Inc. and are priced in JPY due to the banking jurisdiction.

As of 9/24/2022 We will discontinue IN-HOUSE card transactions except for discount packages or gift certificate codes.

For complete details on our services, please use this link to see our main services page. Our Services

Basically, we offer straight chiropractic and a smattering of more esoteric holistic services that are not, strictly-speaking, part of the chiropractic world.

Doc Holliday is a 1996 graduate of Life Chiropractic College, a diplomate of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) in the United States and, earned his state license, also in 1996, from the Florida State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Additionally, Doc Holliday served his internship and externship in the State of Florida under the supervision of one of the most respected chiropractic center directors in North Florida. This in-service was completed in 1997.

In 1997-98 Doc Holliday served as an associate chiropractor at Lake City Chiropractic Center. After this time, he decided to move his family to Kansai to try and help spread the practice of true chiropractic to Japan. Doc served as primary instructor for chiropractic technique at two large national chiropractic schools which, largely due to politics, do not survive to this day

In 2005, Doc gave up on Japanese politics and, relocated to Okinawa to open a private clinic - 'Life Chiropractic Center Okinawa' which was renamed in 2007 to Okinawa Chiropractic Center.

Many who are familiar with chiropractic may have experienced certain types of physio-therapies at their doctor's office. These could include electrical applications, heat or cold applications or other therapies to enhance the chiropractic adjustment.

The short answer as to why we do not perform electrical, thermal or energetic modallities is two-fold.

First and foremost, we firmly believe that these therapeutic applications are not generally necessary. With obvious exceptions for acute injury, these applications serve only to interfere with the body's natural ability to regain balance following the adjustment. In general, they are merely designed to reduce symptoms. While that may seem like a good thing, the body NEEDS to feel the symptoms. Otherwise, how will your physiology know how to respond... what to do next to heal?

However, the main reason is that we are not technically ALLOWED to use these therapies for ANY 'medical' rationale. And, since the ONLY rationale would be 'medical', we find that it is prudent to stay off the local authorities radar by honoring their directive to not use them.

For the complete details on our late-cancellation and no-show policies, please check the section toward the bottom of this page which has a button to display our full policy in this window.

It has, unfortunately, become necessary over the last few years, to strictly enforce these policies to protect our schedule and avoid wasted time waiting for clients who never show.

While the policy has been in place for several years now, we try to be flexible where we can. But, all appointments are subject to the published policy. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Our main chiropractic technique is Thompson Terminal Point technique - AKA 'Drop Table' technique. But, because everyone is different, it is sometimes necessary to use a slightly different approach to achieve the best results.

For this reason, Doc is also equipped with Upper Cervical Specific (AKA Toggle Recoil), Palmer Diversified and, even Activator Method as needed.

We try to see the individual and adjust our methods when it becomes necessary. Most of our clients do exeedingly well with Thompson Terminal Point technique.

Yes! With the exception of first-time clients, we do not require entry of any card information. Please also note that, as of 9/24/2022, we only accept cash (USD or JPY) for all in-house services.

First-time clients: When booking your appointment, in the payment phase of the process, you WILL be prompted to enter a valid credit/debit card to secure the appointment. Your card will NOT be charged unless you do not show for the appointment, in which case the no-show fee for that service WILL be charged to your payment method.

The entire balance is due, in cash (USD) at the time of service. In the unfortunate event of a no-show or late cancellation, any outstanding fees must be paid before booking other appointments. For complete details on our late-cancellation and no-show policies, please check the section toward the bottom of this page which has a button to display our full policy in this window.

Gift Certificates and Packages are available online and accept online payments via Credit/Debit card. Please note that due to the banking jurisdiction in which we operate, all online payments are priced in Japanese Yen. While this is not ideal for either of us, it is the only available option.

Appointments for repeat (established) clients will confirm normally without entering a payment method. Again, your card will not be charged except in cases described in the Late-Cancellation and No-Show Policy.

We have to be a little careful with this one.

Let us start by simply explaining that there really is no such thing as 'Japanese' chiropractic.

Chiropractic is neither recognized nor regulated in Japan. There is no recognized government board, No licensing authority and, no single authoritative chiropractic association here. What we do have is a few political 'poser' organizations that assert to have regulatory control of the chiropractic profession but, are actually nothing more than a registry service.

Most of the 'chiropractors' you will find have very little training - at least as it is recognized in the US, Canada, Australia, etc. Instead, there are a dwindling number of vocational schools which teach - among other things, a bit of chiropractic technique. This instruction is usually led by the very few individuals who actually attended a western chiropractic college. But, the full spectrum of chiropractic and medical education expected by western clients is not possible under the current political situation.

When choosing a chiropractor, it is important to SEE their actual credentials from an accredited chiropractic college. There are NO such colleges in Japan at this time. Despite whatever official-looking paper they may show you.

It is NOT impossible to find a REAL chiropractor in Japan. But, it is not a common situation. But, it must be said that the same regulatory environment that allows practically anyone to hang a "Chiropractor" shingle is the same environment that allows us (OCC) to operate in Japan. So... There's that.

Our Mission and Notice

At Okinawa Chiropractic Center, we have striven for over 16 years to provide the highest quality services possible. To this end, in 2018-2019, we undertook many upgrades intended to elevate the client experience to meet with international standards. However, the so-called 'Pandemic of 2019-2022' has taken a heavy toll on our little clinic. Like most small businesses, we find ourselves in a bit of a contraction phase of our business.

In October of 2022 Doc Holliday will be re-locating to less-expensive, smaller facilities and offering ONLY 'straight' chiropractic service.

In addition to the many necessary changes in our office location and service offerings, clients will still notice the same modern chiropractic tools which were imported to Okinawa at significant expense.

We do not subscribe to the quaint Okinawan expression of "Nan Kuru Nai Sa" to our practice. (Roughly translated as: Hakuna Matata) If we are able to do better and be better, we will constantly strive to do so. However, at this time, the worldwide political and economic environment is simply too volatile to maintain full-size facilities and staffing.

Before making an appointment, we ask that you review our general policies and terms regarding no-shows and late cancellations. You must accept these during the booking process.
But, optionally, you can review them here before proceeding.

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Chiropractic in a Home-Office Setting

How To Find Us

Located just South of the Koza Athletic Park
at Okinawa City, Moromizato 2-Chome 13-12

Okinawa Chiropractic Center
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Okinawa Chiropractic Center

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