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Since 1895, chiropractic adjustments thought to remove interference in the nervous system, have helped millions of people around the world achieve their wellness goals. Routine adjustments do much more than simply keep joints and muscles looser. Much evidence reveals that regular chiropractic is a vital part of any wellness regime.

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Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture is a very relaxing experience that promotes healing and balance throughout the body's systems by enhancing the natural energetic pathways of the body. Choose an 'enhanced' acupuncture session to incorporate healing essential oils.

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Full Service Foot Levelers Provider

Your feet are the foundation of everything you do. What happens at the feet affects everything happening above. If the foundation is not balanced and level, it is not possible to perform or feel at your best.

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Sound Immersion Sessions

Just as a long, healing bath washes away the physical residues of a long day, Immersing yourself in a pure sound bath can wash away the negative, energetic residues picked up in everyday life.

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Acupuncture + Tomomi's DewDrop Session

Adapted from the famous 'RainDrop' technique, this two-hour session is a healing and relaxation marathon that will have you counting the weeks until the next time.

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Ethereal Energy Scan

We are very happy to have the technology which provides us with the ability to get a look under the hood to see what is happening with an individual's personal energy fields.

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On-Time For You

At OCC, we respect your time as much as we value our own. Therefore, we never intentionally overbook our schedule. Your appointment time is YOURS. And, you will be seen at or very near your scheduled time. Occaisionally, we may get a little behind when providing that 'little extra something' that someone needs. But, we work for a living too. So, we get it.


Our Mission

For over fifteen years, Doc Holliday has provided chiropractic and other wellness services to the local, military and SOFA status community. We are proud of our longevity as it is driven by our results and the kind word-of-mouth referrals of satisfied clients. Our mission, simply put, is to continue to provide valuable wellness service to those who come to us.


Our Philosophy

The human body is a self-correcting, self-healing machine. Sometimes however, life gets in the way. Things can get out of balance so far that the body simply needs some help. We provide the service of removing that interference - so that your body can get-on with it. We promise to do whatever we can to "Find it, Fix it, and Leave it Alone."

Our Featured Services

Adjust, Enhance and, Stabilize

Thompson Chiropractic Technique


Professionally provided using the most Modern Equipment

Thompson Terminal Point Tech.

Thompson Terminal Point Technique was first developed over 50 years ago and is utilized by more chiropractors worldwide than any other procedural technique. It utilizes a time-proven HVLF (High-Velocity/Low Force) gravity-controlled mechanism to insure that each adjustment is customized to the client's specific weight and body type providing safe and effective relief.

Traditional Acupuncture


On-Call Traditional and Enhanced Acupuncture

Traditional or Enhanced

We are fortunate indeed to have a wellness partnership with Miyamoto sensei who is a bonafide, Licensed Japanese Acupuncture practitioner. Acupuncture services are provided on an on-call basis. Simply make your appointment and, she will meet you at our professional offices at the appointed time. Techniques include traditional and enhanced variations of Real Asian acupuncture.

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics


Probably the world's most comfortable orthotics

Individualized Custom Othotics

For over 65 years, Foot Levelers USA has painstakingly constructed the most advanced and effective postural stabilizing inserts available. Now, Foot Levelers International makes their full line of precision-fitted orthotic inserts, sandals, athletic footwear and even flip-flops available to the rest of the world. Schedule your scan and consultation today. Your feet... Your body will thank you.

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Author Jan 18, 2019 Ramblings

Writing a proper blog has proven to be quite the heavy task. But many of you already know that I have plenty to say about a great many things. So, grab your favorite drink and, click away. WARNING: Not for the easily offended.

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Okinawa Chiropractic Blog Entries
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Author Jan 18, 2019 Actual News

Now, why would I say something like that? Well, it's just that we live in a time where 'feelings' often override 'facts' and, some people think that their 'truth' overrides the rights of others to hold a contrasting view...

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Okinawa Chiropractic Blog Entries
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Author Jan 18, 2019 Lighter Topics

So, no matter what one's education, talents, or actual experience; Anything said will find that last nerve in some folks. While this blog will not be political in any way, some will still find a way to find the content offensive.

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